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Sponsorship with Little Robot

Sponsorship Application
Applications now open for our annual cosplay sponsorship program. We appreciate the work that goes into producing a piece and thought that this program will give someone an opportunity to produce something that he or she might not normally do. So what does this program involve?
  • full financial support to produce the selected piece
  • opportunity to work with a team
  • exposure at conventions in Perth and possibly outside of WA
  • media appearances
  • networking 
  • involvement in promotions and marketing
Why sponsor cosplay?
Little Robot specialises in Gundam and Mecha model kits and we like to build and support the Gunpla community. We enjoy supporting communities and clubs involved in pop culture and we think that Cosplay and what we do can be cross promoted in many ways. Our collaboration with PikaPi is a perfect example of how Cosplay and GunPla can go together. As much as we would like to sponsor more, we have to limit to one per year. 
How do we measure success?
It’s not about how much money we make out of this. In fact we probably won’t thus only one sponsorship per year. It’s about how much smiles and excitement we get from the fans and all those involved. This is a move to give someone an opportunity, support a community, network and build good working relationships. 
How to apply?
All applications for this year must be submitted to by 30 June 2018. Provide a short bio about yourself and what your speciality is for example armoury, weaponry etc. also tell us about what you’d like to achieve and what your dream cosplay is. If you currently have a cosplay page, please send us the details. Shortlisted applicants will go through an interview. Successful applicant will be offered a contract.
Need more info?
Come meet our first cosplayer who has gone through this program at Supanova Perth. PikaPi will be at Little Robot’s booth on Saturday 23rd from 1pm to 3pm to answer any questions you may have and even share some tips and tricks.



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