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The Art of Passion Projects by PikaPi

As a cosplayer, artist and engineering student I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many amazingly talented people in my life. When I first stumbled upon the Gunpla community of Little Robot the first thing I noticed was passion. Passion runs throughout the community as the driver of so many projects. It is something I see drive people in all walks of life, but I think there is an art to it.

Some of the most impressive cosplays, Gundam builds, and model cars I have seen are not those that use the most intricate techniques, but those who’s creators have been driven by a love for their project. This year at LRC, one of my favourite builds was a colourful build with rainbow butterfly wings. A junior’s build, it wasn’t a particularly clean build, but it was absolutely a passion project.

I have found that some of the purest passion projects come from children as they create what they feel and what they see with their imagination. They let their creativity run wild because they do not feel the bounds of competition rules or the pressure of society’s judgement. As we get older, a sub-conscious bias toward categorisation and fitting within a set of predetermined guidelines, whether a competition or the cultural norm, this shapes a lot of what we do. Unfortunately, this often includes our hobby projects. I believe sometimes it is important to take a break from trying to impress, and just going with what you feel.

I am personally embarking on a journey such as this over my summer break. The projects that I have planned for summer are all small mini projects that don’t require much effort, they do not require insane techniques and they are definitely not competition worthy. They are however passion projects. Many of them are characters that I have some kind of connection to, whether from a favourite anime or game, or just because I like the colours. I won’t feel pressured to complete anything at any particular time, and I definitely will not be bound by competition rules.

I feel sometimes in life it can be important to step back from what we are doing and take a break. I meet so many people who talk about projects they dream of doing. A character they fell in love with, using an old outdated technique that has since been made obsolete or a niche model from some indie company that only they know about. For me, passion is not just a driving force for creativity, but also a conversation starter and a community growth tool. Even throughout life, in non-creative fields, passion is important. It can be a mechanism to meet like-minded people and grow your friendship circle. A retail assistant who is passionate about the products they sell, is much more likely to have a successful career than one who is just there for the money. I think passion can be forgotten sometimes, and by taking a break from things that cause stress and fatigue in life, we can reignite our fires by following our passion.

Therefore, my thoughts for the week are that over the summer season we all take a break and follow your dreams. Whether it be an evening, a whole day or a whole week. Any time is enough time to take a break. Find something you love and roll with it.



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