X5127 PRE ORDER P Bandai 1/60 PG Narrative Version Expansion Set for Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex

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This is a special pre order deal only. Terms of this pre order deal:

  • Must be paid in full
  • Non refundable
  • 20% Restocking fee applies for cancellations 
  • Only a limited quantity is available for this special pre order deal
  • Product is due to arrive in March 2021 and will be despatched to customers by end March or early April 2021

As an added bonus, customers will also receive 5% (equivalent to $54.95) of the purchase price as store credit. You can use the store credit towards your next purchase. Please note that the order cannot be cancelled once store credit is used.

Q: Why are prices so high in Australia and how much much profit does Little Robot make out of this?

A: Here are the costings that we're happy to share with our customers. Listed price is 8,800 yen and the exchange rate at date of order is 74.20 which is equivalent to AUD118. Postage to Perth is $25 conservatively. GST is $18.10 at retail price of $199. Store credit rebate is $9.95 and Afterpay/Credit Card/PayPal fees allowance is 6% which is $11.95. Total cost is $183 therefore gross balance for Little Robot is $16 before tax. 

We use this calculation for all our P Bandai products as P Bandai is a service we happily offer our customers even though the net profit margin for this item is less than 6%. 

We are thankful for the support shown by the community and we are extremely glad to be a part of this :)



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