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X5476 Bot Box MEGA

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You've heard of loot boxes, so now we bring you our very own Bot Boxes! Contents may be different for each box but value will always exceed the purchase price of the box.

WARNING: This is the craziest of all Bot Boxes and you have got to be the craziest fan to purchase this. You are guaranteed one PERFECT GRADE kit, at least one PREMIUM BANDAI kit and a bunch of totally random stuff that you may not need. This is the hardcore box with contents exceeding the value of the purchase price of this insane box. CRAZINESS AMPLIFIED!

Double Warning: We may even let our followers know how crazy you are to even purchase this! (with your permission of course)

If you are really crazy enough to purchase this and would rather a box of anything but PG, then just leave a comment on your order with "I am perfect, I don't need another PG"




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