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Last week we spoke about Sandra’s first little robot, this week it’s another newbie perspective!  Keep reading for more about her experience. Also make sure you visit the YouTube link for part 1 of her model kit building journey.    My name’s Melissa and I help Little Robot with some of their marketing. I was first introduced to this crazy sub-culture through Perry and was immediately intrigued. I had never heard of model kits, or Bandai or gundam. I knew a little about anime and manga from childhood and also from my travels to Japan, but that was the extent of...

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  My first Little Robot Kit - Petit GGuy   Last week we kicked off our first blog post with Gundam Influencer/YouTuber GundamNYC. This week, we thought we would chat to a newbie so we can gain insight into how it feels to dip your toe into this vivid culture for the very first time! We chat to mecha novice and web developer Sandra, who also works with Little Robot. Sandra has no previous experience with model kits or conventions and has a true outsider’s perspective. Keep reading to hear Sandra’s thoughts on her first build and experience with model...

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