A newbie's first Little Robot


My first Little Robot Kit - Petit GGuy

Petit Beargguy


Last week we kicked off our first blog post with Gundam Influencer/YouTuber GundamNYC. This week, we thought we would chat to a newbie so we can gain insight into how it feels to dip your toe into this vivid culture for the very first time!

We chat to mecha novice and web developer Sandra, who also works with Little Robot. Sandra has no previous experience with model kits or conventions and has a true outsider’s perspective. Keep reading to hear Sandra’s thoughts on her first build and experience with model kits.

Before I met Perry, I didn't know anything about model kits or mecha. It was until one day when I was walking around Little Robot's shop that I quickly found familiar things from my childhood, like Dragonball Z and Star Wars. I was surprised by the huge variety of products and accessories. I’d walked into a completely new world and was excited to learn more about it!

Working for Little Robot was my first introduction to this world. Perry invited me to join one of the fair’s and introduced me to a lot of different people, groups, and those fascinated by the culture. It was such a nice, warm and welcoming experience that I was super happy to get my first model kit to try.

So I decided to build my model kit, just for a bit of fun. Finally, I was sitting down after a busy day with work and opened my Petit GGuy box. I checked the instructions but quickly fell into a meditative state, concentrating on building it. I was completely into it and was super relaxed. It was fun, but I was a bit disappointed to be done so quickly (roughly 30 minutes). Although, I must say it was a great introduction model for me as a first-timer. I’m sure I would have struggled with anything too intense! I think I would be interested in building more of these, with each one getting more complex (little by little of course ;) hehe.

After dabbling with my tiny Bear Guy build and being around the culture through work, I can definitely understand the fascination. I really enjoy the Beargguys, they are colourful and just cute!  There’s something serene about diving into this world of building models and forgetting everything around you. The only negative could be that you can't finish a bigger kit in one day even if you really, really want to...

Overall I think it’s cool. I like to create things with my hands, and building model kits is just fun to do. Also, the community around mecha is so open, welcoming, and supportive that it is really hard to not enjoy the hobby.

We’ll see you next week for another blog feature with someone very different!

Stay tuned!

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