Introducing Yin by PikaPi

Every community aims to stay relevant and to provide new and enjoyable services and products. Over the past year Little Robot has seen quite a few small changes to the business side of things and a whole heap of new experiences for the community. This past Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Yin, a community member who has over the year grown quite close to the Little Robot family. Yin manages Johnny Two Thumb Perth, the tattoo parlour next door and recently Yin has become the new owner of the Myaree Little Robot Pro Store.

I asked Yin about his interests in the Myaree shop and he says, “There is something about the people there”. Yin has used the store to find inspiration for his drawings and often visits the store and spends time with the community. With so much going on for Little Robot this year Yin says, “The store has to stay.” Yin first discovered the Little Robot store when his agent first introduced him to his neighbourly shop owners upon first settling in Myaree. Yin first moved to Perth from Singapore 4 and a half years ago. Perry Lee, owner of the Little Robot brand, says he and Yin have become close in the past 6 months and it was an easy decision for Yin to take on the Myaree shop. 

Yin has been interested in the creative scene for the greater part of his life. From an educational background in engineering, Yin found himself in the tattooing industry after pulling apart a tattoo machine and being unable to put it back together. Yin says that once that happened, he decided he had to learn more about the industry and how it worked. Coupled with his creative side, tattooing and artistry quickly became a part of his life. Yin finds joy in understanding how things work and has quite an interest in Gunpla because of it. 

Yin has already begun to plan some new and exciting things for the Myaree shop. Without giving away some of the surprises, Yin plans to simplify the shop layout, allowing for new stock and greater space for workshop days. Yin would also like to expand on the word collaboration with potential other communities in a hope to share experiences and grow our family. These small changes to the shop will bring some awesome opportunities for the community. Yin can’t wait to do everything he can to grow our special community, all while keeping the underlying community focussed vision that Little Robot has held for these past few years.

As a special thank you for supporting Little Robot, Yin would like to invite you all to a special end of year event. There will be more information on this to come.

I am so proud to be a part of such an awesome team of people, and I personally cannot wait to see what new and exciting opportunities are on the way!