Supanova Perth 2018 wrap up


Costumes at Supanova Perth 2018

I attended my first gaming/anime event last weekend at Supanova in Perth. Perry mentioned I might like to attend a few months ago, and I was super excited to get involved. I’ve heard of Comincon and Supanova through the media, but obviously had no reason to actually attend myself. And what an experience it was! So many sights and sounds, passionate fans, interesting costumes and merchandise to see. There was also a fighting ring where they had people play wrestling in the background which was quite intense!

Detailed costumes at Supanova Perth 2018

I loved seeing all the cool costumes and it fascinates me that people are so invested in these characters! I can’t imagine how many hours it must take the cosplayers to make the special outfits, but they always looks awesome no matter who they are. I did notice there was plenty of mainstream characters there for me to recognise. I was expecting it to be more of the niche type anime which I wouldn’t have been exposed to myself. I saw plenty of Star Wars figures and Marvel types walking around.

Costumes at Supanova Perth 2018Costumes at Supanova Perth 2018

One of my favourites was Shimoneta, who actually had underwear on her face! Obviously I’d never heard of her, but apparently she’s a bit of a rebel who tells dirty jokes, and that’s what the underwear across her face is linked to. I even got a picture with her because I thought it was cool and funny.


Costumes at Supanova Perth 2018Costumes at Supanova Perth 2018


It appears as though there’s levels to dressing up, where some will make their own outfits from scratch whereas with others it looks like they’ve probably hired an outfit. I guess it’s just the differing levels of commitment and skill-set. I’m also assuming some only dress up for events but aren’t actual cosplayers as such who enter competitions… correct me if I’m wrong! J

Little Robot actually sponsors Pika Pi, one of Perth’s coolest cosplay girls. Unfortunately I was unable to make the event on Saturday, however, I heard her outfit was quite the success!

Cosplay girl PikaPi with Little Robot at Supanova Perth 2018


Anyways, I had a great time and am continuing to learn more and experience what I can about the industry. Initially I was concerned it might be a little too intense for an outsider to grasp, but I feel like I’m learning to ropes as I go along. Besides, who knows, I might even decide to dress up for my next event???

Mel xo