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As a cosplayer, artist and engineering student I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many amazingly talented people in my life. When I first stumbled upon the Gunpla community of Little Robot the first thing I noticed was passion. Passion runs throughout the community as the driver of so many projects. It is something I see drive people in all walks of life, but I think there is an art to it. Some of the most impressive cosplays, Gundam builds, and model cars I have seen are not those that use the most intricate techniques, but those...

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Recently I had the absolute pleasure of heading over east to PAX Australia 2018. For those who are unaware, PAX Australia is the annual gaming event that showcases all things tech and nerdy. There was even some Gunpla on display too! PAX began its humble beginnings in 2004 when the penny arcade community of Washington decided they wanted a convention dedicated to all things gaming. Since then, PAX has hit cities all over the world and developed into the number 1 iconic international gaming and technology showcase we know it today. This year was my 4th year at PAX Australia...

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Every community aims to stay relevant and to provide new and enjoyable services and products. Over the past year Little Robot has seen quite a few small changes to the business side of things and a whole heap of new experiences for the community. This past Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Yin, a community member who has over the year grown quite close to the Little Robot family. Yin manages Johnny Two Thumb Perth, the tattoo parlour next door and recently Yin has become the new owner of the Myaree Little Robot Pro Store. I asked...

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I guess I’ll have to introduce myself first! My name is Hayley, more commonly known as PikaPi or ‘Banshee-Chan’ as referred to by Mr Kawaguchi . I am a cosplayer and over the past 11 months I had the absolute privilege of being the cosplay sponsorship recipient of Little Robot Australia. My journey began when Perry Lee, the man behind Little Robot, interviewed me for some kind of partnership program. It was not until much later that a clear direction for the partnership was decided upon. All I knew is that Little Robot and PikaPi would become a close-linked ship sailing...

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GBWC Australia, PikaPi -

We’ve had such a great experience at Sydney that we’ve decided to create a video to capture what it feels like, the people who were involved, the community and most of all, the reason why we keep doing this. Big thanks to PikaPi for capturing it all for us and collating the footage. Enjoy the video 😊

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