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We are proud to introduce PikaPi and GypsyGeek to the Little Robot family. We are extremely excited for things that we will be collaborating with both PikaPi and GypsyGeek. Stay tuned for more videos, VLOGs and BLOGs!

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GunPla, Macross, Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K) -

We'd like to welcome Lincoln Wright to the Little Robot team!  Lincoln Wright was born in Australia and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. An obsession with robots and model airplanes came together with the discovery of Gunpla, Macross and Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K) in Akihabara in the early 90s.  Lincoln has worked with Kow Yokoyama Sensei as a studio model artist and writer for the Maschinen Krieger property with Hasegawa, WAVE Corporation and Model Graphix for the Ma.K Profile Series. Max Watanabe invited Lincoln to collaborate on the long running series “Ma.K in SF3D” by Hobby Japan.  Additionally, Lincoln has worked...

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GBWC Australia, PikaPi -

We’ve had such a great experience at Sydney that we’ve decided to create a video to capture what it feels like, the people who were involved, the community and most of all, the reason why we keep doing this. Big thanks to PikaPi for capturing it all for us and collating the footage. Enjoy the video 😊

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Exhibition Perth, Gundam, Little Robot, PikaPi, Supanova Perth 2018 -

  I attended my first gaming/anime event last weekend at Supanova in Perth. Perry mentioned I might like to attend a few months ago, and I was super excited to get involved. I’ve heard of Comincon and Supanova through the media, but obviously had no reason to actually attend myself. And what an experience it was! So many sights and sounds, passionate fans, interesting costumes and merchandise to see. There was also a fighting ring where they had people play wrestling in the background which was quite intense! I loved seeing all the cool costumes and it fascinates me that...

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PikaPi, sponsorship, Supanova -

Cosplay Sponsorship Program Catch PikaPi at the Little Robot booth in Supanova on Saturday 23rd from 1pm to 3pm. She will be there in the full Unicorn Banshee cosplay. Feel free to ask her  any questions you may have about our sponsorship program.

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